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Temporary work brings many benefits | Hiring, Business & HR in NY, NJ, CT

Temporary work brings many benefits

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A CareerBuilder survey found that more than a third (35%) of American companies are working with smaller staffs than before the recession. Almost the same amount (36%) said they planned on filling any worker voids in their operations with contract or temporary workers in 2012. These figures have been steadily climbing since 2009, when 28% of companies expected to do the same. It will be interesting to see how the hiring trends in 2013 flush out.

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It’s understandable as to why companies with leaner staffs would hire contract-based or temporary workers. Economic uncertainty means making less permanent decisions, especially those which would involve paying out benefits and other incentives that come with full-time employment. And while many respondents would consider making these temporary workers permanent after some time, they are using the temporary assignment period, in some instances, to help make these decisions.


CareerBuilder’s survey of more than 3,000 hiring managers and human resources professionals throughout the country and from a range of industries noted several areas which are currently experiencing high demand for professional, experienced and qualified workers:


  • Health Care: Occupational therapists and speech language pathologists
  • Industrial: Maintenance technicians, mechanics and CNC machinists
  • Information Technology (IT): Java/.Net developers and network engineers
  • Office-Clerical: Administrative assistants and customer service representatives
  • Professional-Managerial: Business analysts and marketing assistants blogger Kerry Hannon speaks about how the surge in temporary hiring isn’t just beneficial for the businesses, but for the workers, themselves. Many people who enjoy temporary work either of a contract-based or part-time nature are retired professionals who either want or need to get back into the workforce in some capacity. Also interested and finding value in the temporary work realm are mothers who have left the professional world to raise children but find themselves ready to, in some capacity, come back to the workforce once their children start school.


Hannon says that many people who are interested in making career/industry changes often benefit from taking the opportunity to work under a temporary status. She recommends apprenticing and volunteering in a “test” field before making the full-time leap, and getting paid, if the chance arises, to see if one likes the new area makes temporary work that much more appealing.


There are many different types of people who would benefit from putting themselves into a professional, temporary workforce pool. Retirees needing extra money or extra stimulation, stay-at-home moms who wish to get back into the workforce and displaced workers coming off of a recent downsize are all examples of viable temporary or contractual workers. Hannon lists some of the many incentives of seeking and accepting part-time or temporary work:


  • Keeps people busy and gives them a reason to get out of bed/the house each day
  • May lead to full-time work
  • Pays well. Experience brings better pay, and employers will pay for the kind of savvy that experience brings, rather than hiring an under-qualified person that requires costly, extensive training
  • Builds a professional network
  • Keeps a resume alive and free from “bare spots” or periods of unemployment
  • Keeps skills sharp, memory active and might even teach a new skill or two
  • Is exciting! Temporary assignments can give a thrill, without the boredom that can ensue on long-term projects


At The Essex Companies, we expect to see permanent hires increase to a degree during 2013 with continued use of a temporary work force by many of our clients.

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