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Family-owned and well-respected in the tri-state community, The Essex Companies is a full-service staffing firm and so much more! Established in 1966, we pride ourselves on having developed – and maintained – long-standing relationships with hundreds of companies in the metropolitan NYC area.

While we predominantly work with small businesses, nothing about our operation is small. We proudly feature a No Fee Temp-to-Perm Program for businesses looking to hire or expand their staff; but staffing solutions, temporary or long-term, are not our only forté. Some of the other business services we offer are: HR solutions, consulting, payroll management and assistance with employer and job benefits – including health insurance and worker’s comp insurance.

We’re confident that we offer the most cost-effective staffing solutions in the tri-state community, and if staffing and recruiting needs have brought you to our website, please note the many ways we can assist in this area.

We can place qualified and dependable individuals with your business to work as:

  • Temporary Personnel
  • Temporary-to-Permanent Placements
  • Permanent Placements

46 years in the staffing industry has given us the opportunity to fine-tune our recruitment processes so that we can offer you the most suitable applicant for your specific needs. We have an applicant database of over 400,000 candidates, and access to various networks, online recruiting tools and other resources. Potential candidates are then put through multi-level screening, applicable testing and sophisticated interviewing techniques to appropriately assess their skills, knowledge and work background. We also offer to clients the ability to view some recently interviewed candidates instantly online.

Some of the positions we specialize in recruiting:

  • Financial/Accounting
  • Office Administrative Support
  • General Personnel

One of the newest features of our company’s website that we are proud to offer to our patrons, and interested parties alike, is the News portion highlighting information that any small business owner, hiring and business manager, and employee should know. Many of our current event pieces focus on the locally-pertinent, need-to-know updates our clients in the tri-state area appreciate. We urge you to check with this portion of our site for the latest information regarding business reporting and compliance, as well.

Richard Treistman - CEO

Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) Member

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